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RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Creole Isabel " 
Dir. Marcel Czombos


"America, at the time of the conquest, had musical cultures as developed as those of Europe, those expressions remained ignored, until the arrival of the Argentine musicologist Isabel Aretz, who in 1941 made a trip through Argentina and Chile, with the need to rescue the pre-Hispanic music and develop the first sound map of America. Creole Isabel, is a documentary directed by Marcel Czombos, winner of Argentina's Doctv Latin America, which tries to accredit America as a musically autonomous continent, portraying two disciples of Isabel, Argentine ethnomusicologist Mario Silva and Chilean researcher Claudio Mercado. Together they return to their teacher's traces and stop at two key places: the Kamaruco Mapuche in Nahuelpan, Argentina and the rite of the Chinese in Palmas de Alvarado, Chile. Mario scatters Isabel's ashes like sowing seeds in America.. "

RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" TRIBU Red Path " 
Dir. Oscar Carrillo


"Current life is governed by technology and cyberspace. However, there are still no aesthetic, poetic and musical proposals that find their power in the survival of the past. TRIBU is a musical group dedicated nearly fifty years ago to performing musical shows that syncretize acoustic musical instruments of pre-Hispanic type, with acoustic musical instruments of pre-Hispanic type, with electronic instruments. TRIBU has shared its music with Jean Michel Jarre, Lila Downs and El Tri, among others. Camino Rojo, the documentary directed by Óscar Carrillo is part of the chronicle of the history of TRIBU. "

RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Old-fashioned maroma " 
Dir. Pescayre Charlotte


" An ethnologist-funambulist meets the Zapotec maromeros from Santa Teresa, Veracruz, Mexico. Years later, they decide to perform the maroma as it was practiced before becoming “indigenous circus”. “Old fashioned-maroma” is a reconstruction of memory through the stories told by the ethnologist and by different generations of maromeros. The film introduces the foundation of dance, the structures building processes – from the request ceremony of the trees, the rites of protection and the maroma spectacle.

Director Biography - Pescayre Charlotte "

RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Dizhsa Nabani " 
Dir. Sabea K. Evans, Kathryn Goldberg, Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe, Edward Ogborn, Catherine Rodgers, Moisés García Guzmán

United States

"A documentary project on Zapotec language and identity in San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca, Mexico."


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" The Amazon Changers - Cook to Empower | 2019 " 
Dir. Esther Petsche, Samuel Schlaefli


For our documentary, we accompanied an extraordinary development project: "Cuisine sans frontières" set up a floating school for indigenous communities in Ecuador’s Amazon. The goal of the project is a fundamental change. It proposes a shift from an economy based on extractivism to one that helps preserve the environment. And a shift from oppression of indigenous communities to their empowerment.

Cuisine sans frontières 
"You can produce happiness with cooking and eating," David Höner, the founder of the Swiss NGO, is convinced. "On this basis, bridges can be built to bring adversary groups back into dialogue." 
The floating school on the Rio Napo is the latest and probably most complex project of Cuisine sans frontières. For outsiders, the tensions in Ecuador’s Amazon are not immediately visible. But the difficulties are revealed in the pumping noise of rusty oil pipelines, in flames of flared methane, industrial plants in the middle of the jungle, fenced with barbed wire, as well as in alcoholism, disillusion and fights between different indigenous groups. 
Höners vision is not only to empower indigenous communities for self determination, but also an economically and ecologically sustainable tourism region, which is managed by themselves. He is currently establishing a network of hotels, eco-logdes and companies to enable his best students to enter the labour market and to provide alternatives to oil jobs. In the main town El Coca he wants to set up a booking centre through which indigenous people can independently market their communal ecotourism projects along the Rio Napo – coupled with a market for local products. 
"To a certain degree this will contribute to the `Disneylandisation` of the Amazon," admits Höner. But he sees no better alternative: "Either the indigenous people will become part of globalisation through tourism, or they will be exterminated by it."


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" One of US " 
Dir. Eduard Boolgar

Russian Federation

"In our world, more than 7 billion people, more than 7 thousand languages, and the number of people in general can not be counted. And you, reading these lines - one of them. 
This series of films is created to show people how similar and at the same time different from each other. This movie is about people and for people. It's about one of us and for each of us. 
"One of us" is a series of films where heroes turn directly to the viewer and conduct a dialogue personally with everyone. The viewer can draw his own conclusions, he will have a chance to look at other nations that seem to be different from each other, or on the contrary to see them in himself and understand that everyone on this planet is one of us.. "


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Flip the Switch " 
Dir. Dave Moutray

United States

"From villages that live in darkness at night to villages that have just discovered how solar power can change their lives, Flip the Switch tells the story of Solar Mamas, women from developing countries who have been trained as solar engineers. Starting in India and making their way to Central America and Africa, this film shows how Hogan Lovells, one of the largest law firms in the world, and Barefoot College, the world’s largest NGO, came together to empower women and girls as change agents. Their shared journey illustrates that a global effort to inspire similar committed partnerships is needed to make measurable progress toward the UN SDGs -- one woman at a time, one village at a time. "

RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Saakkhelu, The offering to Mother Earth " 
Dir. Mateo Leguizamón


"The Saakhelu Kiwe Kame is a ritual of the Nasa indigenous peoples of Colombia, which deals with the revitalization of mother earth in the context of global warming and post-conflict Colombia."



RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" The Tree and the Pirogue" 
Dir. Sébastien MARQUES


"The life of a Melanesian tribe is disrupted by the progressive arrival of modernity. Iabe, a young Melanesian, finds this change very hard to cope with and gets lost between his traditions and this modernity."


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Visions Of A Kill Shot" 
Dir. Ricardo Ramirez

United States

"VISIONS OF A KILL SHOT is a coming of age story about a young handball player, Danny, who in his prime is tragically affected by an event from his childhood. Relentless fear of the unknown forces Danny to make a big decision in his life. Yet, with a strong yearning to do what is right, Danny is re-awakened by a mysterious figure that has always been in his life. The Spirit of Handball proves to be the beacon of hope that will finally lift the veil of mystery that has forever haunted Danny."

RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Raven People Rising" 
Dir.Andrea Palframan


The Heiltsuk Nation upholds an unbroken lineage of ancestral teachings that powerfully connect people to place. When the Nathan E. Stewart ran aground in their Great Bear Rainforest home, the Heiltsuk took to the courts. Witness how, in the wake of the devastating spill, the Heiltsuk are working to enshrine Indigenous governance of their homelands and waters into law. They are taking power back from regulators asleep at the wheel to ensure that the Pacific coast is protected for future generations. Their work will ensure marine safety for anyone who cares about the coast, the climate and future generations.

The Nathan E. Stewart sank: but the Heiltsuk are rising.

Stunning footage combines with compelling storytelling to paint an urgent picture of a Nation poised to change the conversation about Indigenous rights and climate justice. "


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Terra" 
Dir. Kushnarenko Julia

Russian Federation

Production at Russia’s enormous Bovanenkovo natural gas field began in 2012. Bovanenkovo is located on the Yamal Peninsula, a remote area of Siberia where temperatures in winter sink below minus 50. But gas production facilities obstruct the historical migration routes of the Nenets people, indigenous reindeer herders, who have to pass through sprawling industrial zones to reach their summer pastures. The intrusion of modernity means the nomadic herders are facing a stark choice: to try and save their unique lifestyle or assimilate with the new reality. Squeezed between the past and the future, this is a story about a people bound to the land and their struggle to endure. "


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Mind's Eye " 
Dir. Angelo Ormskerk


Colonialism has caused identity crisis in many ways over indigenous people in various continents. To release ourselves from mental slavery, we have to respect and understand the heritage of our ancestors. "


RAGFF Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival

Official Selection

" Let us visit eternity for the road is made of water " 
Dir. Sebastian J Lowe

New Zealand

Let us visit eternity for the road is made of water (2018) emerges out of the Orongorongo Valley, in the Remutaka Forest Ranges, on the lower North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Ngā taonga pūoro (Māori musical instruments) are intertwined with the New Zealand environment and situated within Te Ao Māori, the Māori world and/or dimension. Renowned taonga pūoro practitioner and researcher, Alistair Fraser, allows their voices to resound with the sounds of the flowing waters, the rustling of leaves among the stands of trees, the chattering of birds, and the gentle murmuring of stones that journey languorously along the riverbed.

Fraser comes into conversation with the entities of the natural world at the same time that he encounters ‘Glitch’, who is wayfaring through the landscape. The valley, ngā taonga pūoro, Fraser, and ‘Glitch’ all converse with one another. The character ‘Glitch’, who is designed by visual artist RgShaw, navigates his way along the banks of the river, bends with the trees, soaks up the warm sun and draws out stories from the earth. Sebastian J Lowe’s camera gently follows ‘Glitch’ through the land, musing all the while on the ways we come to know and relate to our environment. The interactions between the three artists and the Orongorongo Valley give rise to an assortment of found images and sounds that have been edited together here in a triptych sequence.

We ask you to lean into the images in front of you to observe ‘Glitch’ wayfaring through the landscape. The storytelling is left up to you, the viewer, as you imbue your corporeal experiences onto the character: you step amongst the trees, feel the warmth of the light on your skin, journey across the valley and let the sounds guide your own narrative(s). With the found sounds and images in front of you, allow your imagination to create your own found story. "


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