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Short Films

RAGFF Venezia 2018

Winner Best Male Director - Short Film

" GAB " 
Dir. Gazanfer BIRICIK


" Ani is a journalist who was charged by her diary to write an article about Ezra dead during an attack. For doing this, she organized an appointment with Lily, the sister of the deceased, in a pub. While she was waiting for her in the bar, she will make an unexpected meeting that will not leave her indifferent. "

RAGFF Venezia 2018

Winner Best Female Director - Short Film 

" Satyagraha "

Dir. Nuanda Sheridan


" A story of love and reincarnation told through the voyage of an elderly woman travelling through her previous lives. Dreamlike atmospheres, on the border between life and death, intermingle with the colours of the far East, of African lands and the rhythms of bohemian dances, visions that reveal sexuality, secrets and torments of a timeless love. "

RAGFF Venezia 2018

Winner Best Experimental Short-Film

" ZOE " 
Dir. Iara Magdaleno


"Facts are sonorous but among the facts there is a murmuring. It is the murmuring that frightens me." Clarice Lispector

Roaming through a particularly sonorous world, a composer develops a relationship with his own compositions, memories and desires. Sets of uncontained sounds begin to manipulate the story, finding a way to play a role as much as the characters they chose to unfold its thrilling storytelling.

The film has a non-conventional structure created from a sound installation as scenery, subtle choreography and sound dramaturgy.

RAGFF Venezia 2018 

Winner Best Documentary Short-Film

" New Faustian World " 
Dir. Piero Passaro

Writter. Raffaele Quattrone


Bologna (Italy), 2018. In a resigned world where the human fate seems to be returned outside of their chances, Raffaele Quattrone tells, walking among the streets of the city, the artistic practice of 17 international artists with a Faustian Factor: a strong and recognizable artistic identity and an exasperated virtuosity that allows them to be in rivalry with the endless possibilities of the computer, with the precision of the photograph, with the reactions and relationships of video and performance. NewFaustianWorld is the world of these painters that as the Faust of Goethe, emblem of the modern man, have an inner tension with which they don’t be satisfied with ordinariness but let the extraordinary be their philosophy of life taking up the challenges ahead of them.

The visual language of the film, halfway between documentary and fiction, pays homage to the personality of each artist recreating in the single scenes the world that we find in the artworks of these artists. It is similar to enter the work, the creative world of the artist.

Based on the book of the same name by Raffaele Quattrone and published by 24 Ore Cultura – Gruppo Il Sole 24 Ore

RAGFF Venezia 2018

Winner Best Artistic Expression                  Short Film

" A Leaf "
Dir. Bishara Shoukry 


Salma, a young woman recalls memories from the past, trying to delve deep into them and revive them; and in doing so, it evolves to us that Salma herself is only a memory.

RAGFF Venezia 2018

Winner Best Animation Short Film

" The Aeronauts "
Dir. Leon Fernandez -


A tribe survives in the middle of the desert on the meager pickings of a barren landscape. Soo’goh, the weakest member of the clan, seeks to overcome all obstacles and to reach the green pastures of the paradise that they all yearn for. 

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best Actor Short Film

Adrian Dittus 

" Aquariummann "

 Dir. Matthias Wissmann


Stuck in the monotony of his lonesome everyday life, a former prisoner plans to rob his boss with the help of his buddy from the old days.

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best Actress Short Film

Evgeniya Orudzheva 

" Anna Robot "

 Dir. Chris Russell

 United States

A heartbroken man picks up the pieces of his broken relationship with the help of his new Robotically Engineered Domestic Companion.

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best LGBT Film

" Oasis "

 Dir. Aljendro Zuno


Ophelia goes to El Oasis, a tavern where men pick up men, looking for her husband. Her suspicions confirmed, she faints and a transgender prostitute unexpectedly helps her.

RAGFF Venezia 2018 


" DIVA "

 Dir. Adam Csoka Keller

 United Kingdom

Cries of ‘DIVA’ are known to ring out in the drag bar as well as the opera house. In this surreal 
queer fantasia on classical music, Baroque iconography, and scandalous first-century verse, drag 
prima donna Divina de Campo premieres an original operatic aria with chamber orchestra by composer 
V. R. Alevizos. Europe’s historic concert halls set the stage for an ecstatic meeting of two art 
traditions which traffic in extremes of gender performance, enacting a space where the drag bar 
diva and the opera house diva share the same skin.

Feature Films

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best Male Director Feature Film 

Winner Best Drama

" The Very Last Day "

 Dir. Cedric Jouarie


A best-selling writer is seduced, then kidnapped by an admirer, who accuses him of raping her 20 years ago and exploiting her personal tragedy as a plot of his latest book. While the author insists that his novel is strictly a work of fiction, the erratic woman relentlessly tries to rip a confession out of him. (Kanome International)

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best Female Director Feature Film

"The Darkest Days of Us "

Dir. Astrid Rondero


The Darkest Days of Us. Ana's recollection of the day when her sister Julia died is a fragmented and foggy image that has haunted her since childhood. Now, Ana has returned to Tijuana, her hometown, where she has to face the pain and the darkness of her memories.

RAGFF Venezia 2018 
Winner Best Documentary Feature

"Il Pittore della Tenda "

Dir. Renato Lisanti


After his father is killed by the mafia, the Sicilian farmer Emanuele Modica takes up his paint brush as if it were a gun, under the full persuasion that no other means could better shake public conscience.

Palermo, 1969. A strange large green tent fills Politeama square. Inside, many canvases express pain, rage, subjugation, a desire for justice and only a faint trace of hope. These are the works of the young farmer Emanuele Modica and represent his protest against the Mafia: his peaceful revenge against those who took his father's life. From this grief the artist was actually born, "the painter of the tent" who has since then been exhibiting his paintings on Italian squares, in the shadow of this tent which for 30 years has also been his home. Over the years Modica has obtained notable success, has been appreciated by artist critics and culture experts in the whole of the peninsul, and nowadays his provocative exhibitions are still remembered. Despite this he has continued to live ...

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