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Traditional hand made Maya Calendar,  Number 002

Very Well Crafted, Beautiful at the glance. 

Dimensions can be seen approximate in the scecond product picture, in comparison with the size of a human hand and Arm.

Second Picture of this Product, Number is 002A


 Price 100 Euros 

+ Shipping Delivery, this must be pay by the buyer.

( The reasons is because the Festival does not have a major number of sales of this type on a year basis. )


Payment :

Before purchase please write us an email with the desire name and number of the product, for comfirmation of the product in stock and

for payments at : ,



- Its a sort of local Material from the Maya region made by local people, simlar to Plastic, Wood , this is more of a Ceramic type of Material.

- It is resitent in a 70%. Breakable 30%

- It can be wash  following common sense precautions  of doing it with soap avoiding complex substances. 

Maya Calendar 002 * Exclusive for QIIFF

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