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your Albums, or LP, --  Right on Stores, -- worldWide

Where could we put your albums

 for sale , (right in sotres)?

New York,  USA

    Venezia,,   Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Ibiza, Spain

Berlin, Germany

San Luis Potosi, Mexico,

Montreal, Canada...


and lots more. in Europe and Americas


Sing in to learn more details :

Selling Digital ?  ah... who really is selling tho ?

who cares !  why ?, cose  there are millions of millions of Artist "Selling"  well, NOT really selling digitaly  and forget Amazon, Pandora, Spotif where only Shark your Music, nobody really buys but only Major "Artists".

We are a Worldwide based Network that

Put your Real Albums on Stores,


Real People still buys more Stuff in Real life than Digital.

Music  Sales equals the Impact  that comes better when looking at a LP or Real Album Real Touching ah ... still works much better than a Fancy Website.

We might not be suitable for all type of Artist, but for the ones who are looking for more than a web based Distribution of their music, but  a Real Distribution of their Albums or LP,  then we are here for you.



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