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RAGFF egypt 2019 

Official Selection

Dir. Curtis Essel


RAGFF Jury 2023





                                                      BEST ACTRESS                                                                                                                                               BEST ACTOR 

                       DEBORAH STAPLES                                                                    NUMAN CAKIR

                              " Coming up for Air "                                                                                                                                              " Toprak "




                                                    BEST ACTRESS                                                                                                                                                BEST ACTOR 

                       RADHA MITCHELL                                                                       DENIS LAVANT

                                  " Celeste "                                                                                                                                              " Kazarken : As we Dig "








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Festival's Descriptions :

Every Country has a different Jury from the host City and Worldwide.

 Retro Avant Garde Film Festival is an IMDb qualifier Festival


RAGFF Contact :

General Direction


— Direct to Festivals —

RAGFF Venezia, Italia


RAGFF NYC, United States


RAGFF Cairo, Egypt

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Submissions Questions 















1. – Organization 

The Retro Avant Garde Film Festival aka RAGFF is an independent and Private Organization
Owned Completely on its own, not influenced, not in bias, not in affiliation to any Political or
Religious entity.


The Retro Avant Garde Film Festival mission is of promoting, propagating and exploring the
understanding of every form of expression relevant to cinema with the main priority of every Retro /
Avant Garde Art expression that moves forward at the edge of new forms of human expression
through Visual Arts and Moving Sound Image ( Experimental Audio Visuals, Short Film, Feature
Film, documentaries, public encounters, educational encounters ) throughout the year.



The aim of the Retro Avant Gard Film Festival is to be hosting the Festival every year at a different
city from a different Country, this way, while promoting the Arts, the Festival brings Human
Communion between different Cultures and Societies for the growth and better of the human



2. – Film Submissions

Every Country has a Different Set of Jury.

Feature-Length, Documentary Films :

Not Restriction whatsoever

Short Films, Medium-Length Films, Music Visuals, Music Videos :

Not Restriction whatsoever



3. – Categories

Feature Length films or Short Films to be Encourage to participate are :
Retro Avant Garde,
Music Visuals,
Science Fiction,


Climate Change, 

Indigenous Native,

Kids Films,
Any other New form of “ Sound Visual Art “ are encourage to participate.
“ Only in Particular cases, at the discretion of the Artistic Director, may exceptions be made to the
above-mentioned conditions for admission.”



4. – Waiver Agreement

The Retro Avant Garde Film Festival is open to Public. All Participants and / or guest of the
Festival acknowledge that Multimedia Channels, web and accredited television channels and other
media partners will / might cover the Retro Avant Garde Film Festival for Television, Radio, Web,
Newspaper, Digital News. By agreeing to take part in the Festival, all participants relinquish, free of
charge, their broadcasting rights to any filmed footage and recorded audio, allowing the media
partners to make such use of the above materials as they see fit.



5.- General Rules

Participation in the Retro Avant Garde Film Festival

automatically entails observance of the present

The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any participant during the Open Calls,

during Festival Screenings or Live or while in the waiting of our Certificates if participant  behaves

non proper, manipulative, pushy, agressive, or with no respect

to any of our Team or other participants.

Our Festival is a Worldwide reunion of Talent

to Celebrate Humans, Art and Culture. 

We do not accept any behavor that is not proper

We do not promote Violence in any form. 

Under the Pandemic The Festival team has gone 

through lots of challenges as many of other people around the world.

We are not machines but humans.

Producers, distributors or other parties who submit films must guarantee that they are legally
authorized to represent the film and get any responsibility if fail to do so, as well as if any copyright
or Trademark infringement is due to act within the film they representing, also they guarantee that
they are legally authorized to register the film in the RAGFF.
RAGFF Committee, Artist Director, Aggregators and Affiliates will carry Not Responsibility if any
infringement on copyright or Trademark is made by any of the Invited films as well as Participating
films or films from the pre-selection phase and during and after RAGFF screenings.
The Director of RAGFF reserves the right to settle any cases not covered by the present
Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any article of these regulations, the English
Version is Binding by the State laws, and jurisdiction of New York City, NY, USA.








 RAGFF Background is

RAGFF New York City 2020 Official Selection  
" Umbrella Dance for Hong Kong " 
Dir. WONG King Fai

Hong Kong



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denis 333.jpg

Raffaele Quattrone

Wall Street Journal Magazine

Honor Guest Jury

RAGFF 2023

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